Références clients


"Je travaille avec Robert Siddall depuis plusieurs années et il est devenu un partenaire incontournable de notre société. La qualité et la rigueur de ses travaux, l'engagement et la curiosité dont il fait preuve pour comprendre nos sujets quel que soit le domaine concerné (sectoriel ou technique) sont de réels atouts. Nous apprécions beaucoup travailler avec Robert tant du fait de son implication professionnelle que par la transparence des échanges que nous avons avec lui et qui sont le fruit d'une collaboration stable et très appréciable."

Mélodie Lauque, Branded Content Manager, Wavestone


"J’ai rencontré Robert Siddall au comité international de « Communication et Entreprise ». Nous n’avions jamais travaillé ensemble mais lorsqu’il m’a fallut faire traduire la nouvelle version de notre site web, il m’a semblé évident de l’interroger. Robert à une approche très précise de la traduction afin qu’elle soit réellement adaptée au public visé. Il me livra en 48h00 la version anglaise. Le web designer n’avait plus qu’à l’intégrer. Robert connaît parfaitement les entreprises françaises, et leur « jargon technique», ce qui facilite grandement les choses. Je le solliciterai donc de nouveau." 

Cyrille Dupont, Fondateur de The Pulses - Agence photographique et audiovisuelle - Réseau international de photographes.


"YouLoveWords solicited Rob's services for the copywriting of a white paper + 8 blog articles, all on the topic of Account Based Marketing in UK English language for one of our client's account. He was quick to reply and our communication was efficient from the start. The editorial material was delivered on time and the standards of the clients were met at each step of this mission. I highly recommend Rob's skills in copywriting and translation, especially on digital marketing topics and trends. We'll happily work with him again for the same type of mission and more."

Audrey-Pettit Twigg, Translation, Transcreation, Editorial and Content Strategist, You Love Words.


"We have used Rob for a number of projects now, ranging from ongoing editorial and management tasks that require substantial amounts of collection and text production, through to one off article preparation. All have been carried out well, and helped raise the profile of the organisation. We've been so pleased that we've just engaged him for something new!"

Stefan Kukula, Engineering Equipment and Materials Users Association (EEMUA).


"I worked with Rob on a project in 2016. His experience, project management skills and advice were invaluable in reaching a very successful outcome to the project. Rob is very professional and was always on hand to discuss issues and offer feedback in a friendly and sincere manner – it was clear to me that he takes pride in delivering the best possible outcome for his clients. I would be happy to recommend working with Rob." 

Peter O'Broin, Policy Manager, AOA.


"Rob has been fantastic to work with from a project management perspective, he is always contactable during work hours (and beyond) and has a helpful flexible attitude which makes him a joy to work with. He takes his profession very seriously, delivering high-quality work on time, and he is constantly looking for ways to improve and refine his output. I'd recommend working with Rob without no reservation whatsoever." 

Joe Bickerton, Senior Project Manager, CPW Group.


"Rob worked for me as an on-site contractor, integrated with my project team, for a period of several months, where he played a key role in helping us deliver a major new web portal. He was easy to work with, straightforward and transparent; brought excellent soft skills (helping us consult both in-house, and with members, to understand users' needs); and used some strong analytical abilities to produce high-quality content, quickly and efficiently. Given that we were faced with a tight deadline, we also found his commitment to the project, dependability, and drive to get things done, a real plus."

John Lilley, Head of Online, Special Projects, Engineering Equipment and Materials Users Association (EEMUA).